Without Accountability There is Often a Gap

My last post was months ago, after the first week of the quarter.  This post, only my second of the quarter is occurring immediately after grading the final exams.  I don’t have a good excuse for not blogging; no more than my students have a good excuse for not studying.

This was a challenging quarter.  Many of my students were not interested in the material, or in doing the work, or they just found the work too challenging.  And of course there were the 1% who were bored, learned nothing and did well on the exams and homework, if they bothered to do the homework.  Some of the students spent their time on other courses that were more important to their plans, calculus, or chemistry, or biology, or …  Even many of the computer science majors seemed less than interested in discrete mathematics.  For this class I should have had more in-class assignments.

The final exam was a special disappointment.  Apparently, many of the students did not study for the exam.  There was a lot of material and I did not give them a practice final, so they had to be self-motivated.  Only about 10% of the students received an A grade on the exam.  Most would have failed if I had not graded it with generous credit for work that went wrong.

I wish had been able to get to know some of the students better.  I find it hard to remember all the names and to just make small talk when I do see them out of class.  Next quarter?


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